Request to Host the Sounding Board

In an effort to increase diversity and inclusion around the Harvard campus, the sounding board is mobile and has the ability to come to your space.

If you are interested in hosting the sounding board in your area, please read the FAQs to consider below. If you wish to request the sounding board, please fill out this form and we will get back to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Sounding Board be stored?

We ask that storage space be secure from vandalism or interference, and clean and clear to prevent damage to the Sounding Board components. Accompanying materials sticky notes, pens, push pins, magnetic poetry, chalk and eraser should be kept together with the boards and kept in good order.

How will the Sounding Board be transported?

We ask that hosts bear the cost of shipping the boards to their location. #consciousharvard has arranged for transportation services provided by Campus Services Mail Services at $112 per hour, with an assumed minimum effort of two hours, for a minimum charge of $224. Moves that involve longer distances or special handling challenges may take longer.

How will you monitor and facilitate interaction with the Sounding Board?

We prefer that the Sounding Board be accompanied at all times while displayed in public. Additionally, ground rules may be posted, if deemed necessary, to set expectations of respectful participation. We ask that accompanying materials be managed with care so that any unused sticky notes, etc., are provided to next host in an organized and helpful way. Data must be captured and transcribed and sent to the #consciousharvard team so we can include it in our complete data set. We also understand that your data will inform local responses to what is captured and welcome you to share what you...

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What are your scheduling considerations?

The Sounding Board is ideally displayed for a period of days, but not more than a week, to allow for maximum participation without losing a sense of importance.

What plans do you have for related programming?

Any presentations, exercises or facilitated discussions must be consistent with the aims of the #consciousharvard project. We look forward to talking with you about your plans and exploring how we can help.

Where will the Sounding Board be located?

For planning purposes, you should be aware that each of the Board's four sections measures 90" high x 36.5" wide x 18.5" deep. Our preference would be that the Sounding Board is located in a space that is:

  • Accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities
  • Centrally located with plenty of traffic
  • Positioned in a way that allows people to interact with the sounding boards discretely if they are concerned about anonymity.


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